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Premier Fitness provides in-home personal training to the Charlotte area. My name is Reese Kemp, and I established Premier Fitness in 2006 because the direction of the industry seemed to be moving towards sales, where personal trainers were nothing more than well-muscled salesman who could care less what results you got, as long as you wrote a big check to help them hit their sales goals. I wanted to bring personal training back to its essence, helping people get fit and establishing positive working relationships with clients. I originally started Premier Fitness in New York, and moved into the Charlotte area two years later, with the same goals of client-centered excellence. All of our trainers are like-minded in this philosophy. Contact us to schedule a free session with one of our trainers today.

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6 Sessions

If you want to see if personal training is for you, but only want to make a short commitment the starter package may be for you. While it is long enough for you to get a feel for how the sessions will go, you'll barely get the break-in period where your muscles adjust to their new workload. Therefore, if you're committed to change, it's generally recommended to go higher. Total cost: $444.

12 Sessions

With the intermediate package, the results of several weeks of personal training should begin to show. You should noticeably feel better by this point, and you, or those around you, will begin to notice the changes in your body, like a leaner face. It is a compromise between a short term commitment, and a long enough time to experience your changing physique. Total cost: $828.

24 Sessions

The most popular package we have is the standard package. At 24 sessions, it will net you a full two months of training going three times per week. You'll be well into your body transformation at this point. Besides feeling better, changes to your body will be quite noticeable, and you'll feel more energetic and positive. Total cost: $1536.

36 Sessions

Our extended package is also popular, because it is both the cheapest per session, and appeals to those who are all-out committed to their total body transformations. Three months of training three times per week will be enough time to bring a dramatic change to any client. If you know you're serious about getting fit, this package is for you. Total cost: $2124.

No Contract

Trainer hours: one. No contract. Pay per session. Total cost: $84.

Client Spotlight

Christina H.'s Weight Loss Journey

Christina H.

Premier Fitness Charlotte Personal Trainer Rene helped make a big difference in the life of new mom Christina. Read on below how she lost 70 pounds and went all the way from a size 18 to a 6! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Christina.

"My weight loss journey started in 2012. My daughter was getting ready to turn 2, and I was realizing that I didn't have your normal every day toddler. Her energy level made me wonder if someone had been sneaking her Red Bulls. I was struggling to keep up and thought now is the time to get in better shape. I began watching my calories, and strove for 20,000 steps per day using a pedometer. Within six months I shed 50 pounds. I met Rene during the summer of 2013 through fitness classes offered by my employer. She was an awesome motivator. Rene has taught me more about strength training than I ever thought I could learn. I have realized how strong I am, and how much stronger I can be. I have also dropped another 20 pounds, and gained muscle. She holds me accountable, and pushes me hard. Even when I think I might not make it, I always do and just get stronger. I'm now a much healthier mom. I'm down 70 pounds, and went from a size 18 to a 6. My, now, five-year-old still tries to run circles around me, only now I can keep up!" -Christina H.


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Trainer Spotlight


Rene Allison

Rene has been a trainer with Premier Fitness for three years.She has been an athlete her entire life. She’s participated in a wide range of sports, including basketball, soccer, track, rugby, softball, and martial arts. Besides her personal trainer certification, she is also a certified Swim America swim coach. With that background it is not surprising that Rene excels in training athletes, and sports-specific training.

She has a particular interest in nutrition and weight loss, and is currently working to become a registered dietician. Another of her interests is Tabata, a form of high-intensity interval training aimed at getting results quickly and efficiently.

Her favorite quote exemplifies her intensity: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” –Friedrich Nietzsche