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Long Island personal trainers of Premier Fitness provide in-home workouts to Nassau and Suffolk counties. My name is Reese Kemp, and I founded Premier because I was dissatisfied with the sales-oriented approach that the industry had been taking over the years. To most gyms I've seen on Long Island, personal training is little more than hiring buff salesmen with high quotas, and no incentive to care about results from their endlessly revolving door of gym members. We do care! We bring equipment to your home, so you can achieve your fitness goals in a comfortable, convenient environment. Our experts are there to do one thing, help you get the body you desire.

Whether it is losing weight, gaining strength and muscle, or just having a someone there to keep you on track, we have you covered. Contact Reese to get started with a free session with one of the top personal trainers on Long Island who will assess your fitness level, listen to your goals, and outline a plan of action to get you there.

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6 Sessions

The starter package is designed for clients who want a short-term commitment. Although more than one of our clients has made noticeable progress within such a small time frame, it's not common. Usually a few weeks are needed for the results of a new training regimen to pay off. It is recommended to seek a higher package if you're pleased with your free session. Total cost: $432.

12 Sessions

The intermediate package is a compromise between having an adequate number of training hours to see results and cost. Working out three times a week, this package will last a full month. Usually a client will look and feel noticeably better after a month. Need to tone up for that vacation, reunion, or wedding? The intermediate package may be what you're looking for as well. Total cost: $816.

24 Sessions

The standard personal trainer package, is our most popular. It provides a minimum of two months of training with a Long Island fitness pro. The results of the resistance training and diet really begin to show at this point. Total cost: $1536.

36 Sessions

Even working out three days a week, the extended package will take a client to the three month mark. Three months is significant because it is a significant amount of time for an individual to overall their bodies. Many will even attain their goals at this point. This, of course, varies by individual and how substantial their goals are, but 12-14 weeks is enough time for anyone to make numerous positive changes to their body. Total cost: $2178.

No Contract

Trainer hours: one. No contract. Pay per session. Total cost: $84.
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Client Spotlight


The typical client wants to lose weight or tone up, but every once in awhile a client shows up with a unique challenge. This is one of my favorite clients, Shannon, who was nervous about her upcoming lifeguard re-certification test. Read all about how I approached getting Shannon in lifeguard test condition.

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What areas do you cover?

Long Island: personal training is available in both Nassau and Suffolk County.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, on 12 session packages and up, half can be paid up front, and the other half at a later date. Contact us for details.

Is there a discount for training two or more people at once (group session)?

Yes. The second person comes in for half price. As an example, if the rate for one person is $60/session, the rate for two people would be $90/session. Contact us for a quote if there are more than two people.